Hammer Mill e-waste WEEE

PCB Shredding machine

Hammer Mill e-waste WEEE


Fine Shredding of E-Waste WEEE

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Goldenrecycling.org series hammer mills are designed for crushing and processing the heaviest materials and are often used for crushing limestone, phosphate, or gypsum, as well as WEEE e-waste such as PCBA and more electronic waste. This machine is also suitable for other applications such as glass recycling.

Fine crushing of any e-waste & Metal Scrap

PCB Shredding machine

Benefits of Hammer Mills

Strong arguments

Shredding of various materials as a preliminary stage to subsequent sort separation

Low maintenance and
Operating costs

Wide variety of materials that can be processed
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Hydraulic opening for the removal of
foreign bodies

The mill housing of the hammer mill is made of a complex welded structure with two hinged parts that can be opened hydraulically. The internal wear zone is protected by wear-resistant Hardox sheets or cast parts, and the rotor disc is also made of wear-resistant material suitable for hammer mills. Drive is via a motor pulley and a Mil V-belt pulley and can be equipped with different power levels. Depending on the driving power from 7.5 to 300kW, the hammer mill’s throughput is up to 60t/h and the unit weight is from 2t to 6t. Thanks to a wide range of options and extensions, you can find the right machine for any feed material and desired end product.

PCB Shredding machine WEEE ewaste goldenrecycling.org

Powerful – Compact – Efficient

The perfect Hammer Mill for your needs

Depending on your desired task size, material and throughput, or final particle size, you’ll find the right machine for your requirements. With his over 25 years of experience in the hammer mill sector, we will be happy to assist you in the selection and design of your machine.

Applications of a hammer mill The perfect solution for every application

If the final particle size is 1 mm or less, the use of a hammer mill is often the most economical solution. Hammer mills are often used for grinding limestone, phosphates and gypsum, but are also suitable for other applications such as glass recycling. The diverse design and operating modes of the different hammer mill models allow us to offer and install the optimal solution for your application in every field of application. If required, hammer mills can also be integrated into existing systems for higher throughput and more economical production at the same time.

A hammer mill as shredder For a wide range of scrap and Operations

The Goldenrecycling shredder was developed based on our hammer mill. It is mainly used for light shredding and e-waste processing. The rotor can be equipped with various hammers and beaters, and the shredder has a 240° grate basket through which the shredded material reaches the outlet. The size of the final product can be determined by using grate baskets of different sizes. Overall, it is a document shredder that can be used for a variety of products and applications.

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