PCB-Assembly Dismantling Machine

PCB-Assembly Dismantling Machine

How to remove Chips from PCBA to get Gold


All PCB/electronic disassembly machines are used to disassemble electronic components from old, discarded circuit boards. There are many precious metals in electronic waste, electrical panels and other electronic components taken from the community. The devices are manufactured using mechanical engineering and physical isolation technology. Ferrous and precious metals can be separated efficiently and cleanly to produce copper, aluminum, tin, gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. This greatly reduces crushing and separation operations and increases the reuse rate of valuable metals. It is an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly construction tool.

The idea behind it: e-waste recycling

What resources can be used? :
Suitable for all kinds of electronic waste and PCBs, such as mobile phone boards, TV panels, computer boards, washing machines, old refrigerator panels, FPC flexible circuit boards, etc., which are used in PCB recycling plants.

Method of operation:

Using natural gas as a heat source, the tin melts when the temperature reaches 200-300°C. When the roller is in operation, the electronic components are separated due to the friction force between the PCBs. This allows us to remove the electrical components from the PCB board. If users want a clear arrangement, it can be included in the display of electronic components and the engine.
How to manage:

1. Check if the power supply is installed.

2. Open the inner dot cover, put the electronic components in, it should be 80% of the inner cylinder volume, and close it again. 3. Set the heating to 130 ° C (can be set to 200 ° C, users need to adjust the temperature according to the electronic components).

4. Turn on the engine (rotary switch, ignition switch, ignition switch).

5. After working for 15-25 minutes, check if the electrical components come loose. When it is almost done, adjust the temperature control to 0°C but leave the machine running for another 5 minutes, do not switch it off.

6. After 5 minutes, turn off the rotary switch, open the inner and outer covers of the cylinder, leave the inner cover open, and close the outer cover. When the rotary switch is on, the floor will automatically fall. 7. Check that the disassembled PCB has been removed completely and that there are electrical components or leads that have not been removed. If not, increase the temperature during the second elimination, which will take longer.

Features of the PCB/electronic parts removal machine:

This device is a new function of mechanical crushing and high power electronic separation. After crushing and separation, metals are separated into non-metals and pure metals. • The main technology is to combine different types of special PCB destruction and separation equipment. It has high energy saving power and high metal separation in the production process.

• The equipment has a good comprehensive performance and has a unique effect on electronic components, electronic components, computer boards, computer boards, TV boards and other circuit control boards.

An improved PCB recycling equipment product, which can be used directly for distributing electronic circuit boards. It is the perfect tool for recycling electronic circuit boards and metal wires. • High level of automation, less work, no pollution and no noise.

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