Copper No. 1

No. 1 Heavy Scrap Copper are clean copper pipes or tubes (commonly used in plumbing or air-conditioning) with no corrosion, paint, solder and other impurities. Also included are copper punchings and clippings and fittings.

Copper No. 2

No. 1 Heavy Scrap Copper are copper tubes, pipes, fittings, punchings and clippings wih visible solder, paint, corrosion and other foreign materials.

Copper Sheet

Copper sheet is also known as Light Scrap Copper. They are usually used for roofing, back splash and gutters. Other applications may also include kettles, boilers, copper foils, and door kick panels.

Copper Radiators

Radiator made mainly of copper. The tubes are narrow and soldered to the tank.

Copper-Aluminum Radiators

Radiator that is made of pure copper tubing with aluminum cooling fin, commonly used in air conditioners and cooling machines.

Golden Recycling
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